What Members / Students Say About Us

  • Amrit


    I love VP Academy, as it’s a very good place to meet the rest of the Bhangra community. I never thought I would be competing in dance festival competitions so quickly, I feel lucky to be part of such a great team of dancers.

  • Sav


    The best class I’ve been to! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to kick start their Bhangra dancing skills!

  • Jas


    I have been a student at VP Academy for 3 years. During that time I have learned the most beautiful traditional Bhangra dance and have developed to a professional level!

  •  Simran, Ajun and parents

    Simran, Ajun and parents

    VP Academy offers a great atmosphere, which is fun, friendly and a real family environment for all. We love that they make all students feel involved, regardless of ability!

  • Anett


    VP Academy has an amazing atmosphere and I love coming to class for an evening of fun, music, socialising, exercise and experiencing Punjabi culture! The team is made up of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, who all embrace these energetic dance classes.

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Our Classes

Beginner Bhangra Class
7.00pm - 8.30pm (Every Tuesday)
Intermediate Bhangra Class
7pm - 8.30pm (Every Tuesday)
Advanced Bhangra classes
8.30pm - 10.00pm (Every Tuesday)
All Levels Dhol Class
8pm - 9.00pm (Every Thursday)
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Experience: 4 Years +
Favourite Teaching style: One to one - ensuring the development of knowledge and understanding of the lesson / Group session - building confidence and personality in a team environment.
Favourite Dhol Beats: Enjoy freestyle group sessions, mixing basics beats with personal skill and experimentation - at all different skill levels.
Teaching Class: Beginners and Intermediate.
Highlights as a teacher: Hearing improvements and progression over time and hearing individual styles develop


Experience: 15 Years +
Favourite Teaching style: To teach groups and individuals of all abilities by being concise, gradually reaching their target and of course by having lots of fun.
Favourite Bhangra Move: Fluid & fast moving.
Favourite Dhol Beats: Love to experiment with Freestyle traditional Bhangra dance beats.
Teaching Class: Intermediate, Advanced - Dhol & Bhangra.
Highlights as a teacher: Watch the students grow over the years from beginners to performers, in turn creating an academy for us to spread our culture and the joy of Bhangra dancing.

Gurpreet Rattan
Gurpreet Rattan

Experience: 6 Years +
Favourite Teaching style: Teaching the children means you always have to be unpredictable to keep their attention. Creating enjoyable tasks makes their experience fun at the same time they learn routines. My favourite challenge for them Is to take what they know and making them use their own creativity to create something amazing.
Favourite Bhangra Move: Being the muscle behind big lifts and acrobatic moves.
Teaching Class: Beginner & Intermediate.
Highlights as a teacher: Seeing the quiet, shy students that hide in the corner become confident and sociable individuals. Proud parents are at the end of each session is always a bonus.