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8 Reasons You Need To Bhangra

1) Girls dig guys who know how to dance. Guys dig girls who know how to dance. It’s a win win for everybody! 

2) The summer is peak time for South Asian weddings, and no wedding is complete without busting out some Bhangra moves. Instead of being that person that just sits on the side of the dance floor watching, take some Bhangra classes, and become the life of the party! 
3) There are few other dance forms that require as much stamina as Bhangra does. 8 weeks of Bhangra classes will help get you into summer shape and get rid of that spare tire. 
4) You will become an expert at screwing in light bulbs… 
5) Jay-Z and Snoop Dog are both down with Bhangra, so why shouldn’t you be? 
6) Your Bhangra playlist, which previously consisted of only Daler Mehdni, will vastly increase. 
7) Who knows, after taking a Bhangra class, and some hard work and dedication, you could find yourself on Britain’s Got Talent. 
8) And last but not least, it will make you happy – like Pharrell. (Note: Pharrell’s hat not included) 



December 2014